Board of Directors

Jarle Gundersen, Chairman of the Board

• Msc in business from the Norwegian Business School in Oslo
• Extensive experience in buying and developing companies including IPO’s and LBO’s
• Previous operative experience include top managment positions in NPC Holding, Norconsult International AS, Aker ASA, Norsk Vekst ASA, Norvestor Equity AS
• Previous chairmanships and boardmemberships in numerous Norwegian and Swedish companies
• Current chairman/boardmemberships include Essens AS, AIM Sweden AB, Contendo AS, Wisec Automation AS and Skannex AS

Christina Casen, Board member

• MSc in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Oslo
• Previous positions as Clinical and Regulatory Research Director, QA manager and VP Business development in medical diagnostic industry with major responsibility in clinical projects leading to publications and regulatory registrations (FDA and CE)
• Experience from EU projects
• Presently work as an independent consultant with focus on QA and Regulatory requirements in the life science industry

Dag Bremnes, Board member

• Master of Science in Information Technology
• Past experience include a position as Project Engineer in Tomra Systems having a key role in the development of their image analysis system bottles and bottle carriers in their bottle deposit machines
• In Axis-Shield Mr. Bremnes worked as a Project Leader and also R&D Manager. He was instrumental in the development of key parts for Axis-Shield’ Point of Care Diagnostic Instrument, Afinion
• Dag Bremnes is the founder of Skannex

Trygve Reinertsen, Board member