Assay Development

Lateral flow assay development
Skannex has a formalized partnership with Abingdon Health being experts in lateral flow assay development and manufacturing.

With readers from Skannex and lateral flow tests developed by Abingdon Health we can facilitate a fully integrated reader system.

Abingdon Health offers bespoke lateral flow assay development for both single target and multiplexed assays, in GMP compliant and ISO13485 certified facilities.

Abingdon Health has been in the market place for many years and has developed assays for the healthcare, veterinary and Agri-food sectors. During their time in the market they have gained a wealth of experience and are able to develop assays for different sample matrices including saliva, serum, blood, urine, milk, plant material, food and much more.

The lateral flow assay development process
Initial discussions will start at the concept and planning stage where market requirements, product specifications and regulatory considerations will be discussed. Following these discussions development plans will be outlined in order to take an assay from concept right through to routine manufacture.

The next stage is to move into the feasibility and optimisation phase where a number of parameters will be evaluated and prototypes will be assessed against development goals. It is during this stage where product specifications start to formulate.

Once design freeze is reached, the selected prototype needs to transfer from Research and Development through to routine manufacturing. At this point, typically 3 batches of the product, using high volume automated reel-to-reel machines, will be manufactured in order to verify and validate the performance of the assay. Once an optimum manufacturing batch has been set focus will switch on to forecasting for future batch requirements in order to accommodate market needs.

To learn more about lateral flow assay development and manufacturing please contact us on +47 992 52 274 or