The SkanMulti product is on the market and already installed in several thousand facilities. With the SkanMulti, enabled by the Skannex software ReaditLateral, you are able to run multiple lateral flow devices simultaneously. SkanMulti is an analysis platform utilizing a commercial available office scanner and a standard computer to perform the analysis.

The SkanMulti is an ideal desktop solution for your rapid analysis testing. Within days we will implement your assay of choice and you will be up and running immediately. Your customer specific solution will be made available in our software which you will download using the product- and customer specific program key purchased from Skannex.

Place your lateral flow device or single strip on the scanner surface and hit the incubate button. When incubation is finished you will within seconds have your results. If you choose to incubate outside the SkanMulti, place the incubated device on the scanner surface, hit the read button and in 10 seconds you have your results. The SkanMulti can process devices and strips each containing numerous test parameters. You can run several and various lateral flow cassettes and/or lateral flow strips in parallel. Qualitative or quantitative, sandwich or competitive are all assay formats enabled by SkanMulti.

The whole process from sample applied to results generated is fully automated.

The Skannex developed software and barcode technology make it easy. Image recognition, image capture and the actual analysis is all done in one efficient integrated process. The software generated barcode printed on your device locate and identify the device and the assay type. Necessary corrections of the image are made. Also, batch specific data is extracted from the barcode, and the image of the test window is analyzed to generate the results. Pictures of variable size, pixels and focus will be processed with reliable results.

Reports with e.g. customer branding, test results, sample identify and reference picture of device are created automatically. You can export the results to your data management system.

The unique Skannex developed software and barcode technology allow for the use of low cost scanner technology. SkanMulti is configured with a scanner from Plustek.

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