Skannex Office

Skannex is a Norwegian company founded in 2006. The company has developed sophisticated software for image recognition, capturing and analysis of colorimetric bioassays. Skannex offers next generation solutions filling the industries need for affordable, rapid and automatic reader solution with focus on lateral flow assays.

Our software package for lateral flow assays/colorimetric assays, SkanMulti, is CE marked.

A patent comprising significant parts of the core technology is granted and valid until 2028.

Also offering reader instruments Skannex product infrastructure can be used very flexibly and cost efficient. Our instruments enabled by our software packages are an attractive alternative to small & expensive test specific instruments and big hospital laboratory instruments.

Skannex is a B2B company and we have customers successfully utilizing Skannex technology for automation of their rapid lateral flow assays in the agricultural, food&feed, clinical diagnostics and drug of abuse markets. We are proud to see that more and more companies are benefiting from our unique technology.

In 2011 a subsidiary was opened close to Shanghai China. Skannex is currently doing business in Europe, USA and China and plan to expand into new markets.