Board of Directors

Jan Ludolph Andersen

Jan Ludolph Andersen, Chairman of the board

MBA and CPA degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen. 4 years as auditor/consultant for EY. 9 years as CFO for a Norwegian construction company operating in East Africa. More than 20 years consulting experience for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norad, Norwegian Embassies, NORFUND), development financial institutions such as the World Bank, EBRD, SIDA etc on business plan and strategy development, compliance, evaluations, mid-term reviews, fraud investigations etc. with field experience from 15 emerging economy countries. Experience as process consultant within commercialisation of public sector, including health/hospitals. More than 30 years experience as board member and investor in green field and small/medium size companies including IT and technology sector.

Kari Stenersen

Kari Stenersen, Board member

Kari Stenersen has more than 30 years commercial experiences from international Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic companies. She has been responsible for building up international business with subsidiaries in countries like USA, China and many European countries. Kari was part of the top management of Axis, and later Axis –Shield plc until acquired by an American company in 2011. Last years Kari has been CEO and COO in Genetic Analysis as. She has had several board position, including currently Navamedic AS which is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

Erik Guneriussen

Erik Guneriussen, Board member

Erik Guneriussen is Senior Software Engineer from Kongsberg School of Engineering and has worked with software since 1980. He worked closely with Skannex’ founder, late Mr Dag Bremnes, since 2007 and became part of the Skannex development team. Although he is now employed by a large international consulting company he is still part of the Skannex development team and knows the Skannex software. Erik and his son is also involved in the Skannex Server used for uploading of software to Skannex products.