Assay configurations

The SkanMulti software is designed to handle a variety of different configurations and easily handle one or multiple test lines on the same strip.

Qualitative assays – set one threshold value using the Skannex Development Kit. Results can be shown as “Negative/Positive” or any other text or symbols such as smileys or your own designed symbol.

Quantitative Assays – find a proper standard curve using the Skannex Development Kit based on a serial of 5-7 different analyte dilutions. The SkanMulti software will quantify a result that is highly accurate considering the natural variation in lateral flow assays.

Semi-Quantitative Assays – set two or three threshold values dividing the result in categories like “low”, “week” etc. and “normal”, “medium” etc. to “high”, “extreme” etc.

Combined Qualitative and Quantitative results – set thresholds giving a result in written or symbol in combination with a real value based on standard curve values.

Reader adjustment to stabilize unwanted control line variation – Within the same lot the reader program keeps track of previous control line values. Set a factor for the degree of impact by the mean value to smoothen out the c-line variation and increase the accuracy of results with your assay.

Micro Array on membranes – Qualitative or quantitative result by reading “dots” on strip assay.

DNA reversed hybridization Line-Blot on strips – Screen multiple strips for many gene markers simultaneously. Tag strips with Skannex barcode or use a template. SkanMulti produce a compiled report in pdf and a result file in XML file format.