Physical test device alternatives

Single strip – with one or multiple test lines. Tag the strip with a barcode and let the software search the scanned image for strips and read the t/c line signal. Faster workflow by no need to placing strips in a perfect line.

Single strip cassette house – Almost any cassette shape that can fit into SkanFlexi or fits into the SkanEasy tray.

Multi strip cassette house – Just as easy as one strip cassettes. The software finds any defined target in the captured image.

Double-sided multi strip cassette house – Software will prompt the user to turn the cassette for reading the second side. All results are reported together.

Micro Array on membranes – Qualitative or quantitative result by reading “dots” on strip assay.

DNA reversed hybridization Line-Blot on strips – Screen multiple strips for many gene markers simultaneously. Tag strips with Skannex barcode or use a template. Software produce a compiled report in pdf and a result file in XML file format.

Dip sticks with single or multi strips – Dipsticks should be read with the cap on to avoid contamination. Then software reads it like a standard cassette.

Urine cups – Can be read by our SkanFlexi X200 product if the t/c lines are exposed on a flat side of the cup.