Skannex technology can read a variety of lateral flow devices and strips

Skannex Readers

Programkey and Barcode
Single strips and cassettes
Calprotectin, quantitative analyte
Drug of Abuse, quantitative analyte
Result, Erac + Calprotectin + Drug of Abuse
All info stored on barcode.
Batch specific standard curves.
Control incubation timing.

Read many different cassettes
in one readout.

Qualitative and quantitative lateral flow assays.
Cassettes and single strips.
Any number of analytes on strips.
PCR strips, LIA strips, line blots.
Drug of Abuse including adulteration.

Support low cost PC.
Scanners and Smartphones.

User interface can be adapted
to your branding.
Very easy to add more devices
to the SW.
Upgrade SW from Web.

Standard HW.
Low cost lateral flow instruments.
Flexible business models.

Data management
Store all results in datalog.
Printout pdf reports.
Support receipt printers.
Export results to Lims or journal system.

Skannex lateral flow readers


Skannex developed software SkanMulti has been on the market since 2008 and installed in several thousand instruments.The SkanMulti is offered as OEM for B2B customers own desktop and portable solutions for their rapid analysis testing.

The SkanFlexi instruments are both fully integrated desktop instruments. With the SkanFlexi you are faced with a professional, still very affordable instrument for rapid and automated analysis. The SkanFlexi is CE marked and manufactured according to ISO-13485.
The SkanSmart instrument is a fully integrated hand held instrument. With the SkanFlexi you are faced with a professional small instrument for rapid and automated analysis. It is ideal for meeting the needs for reliable in-the-field drug of abuse and point-of-care testing. The SkanSmart is currently ready for commercial manufacturing.