SkanFlexi X200

The SkanFlexi X200 is a fully integrated desktop instrument. With the SkanFlexi X200 you are faced with a professional, still very affordable instrument for rapid and automated analysis. The SkanFlexi X200 is CE marked and CFDA approved and manufactured according to ISO-13485.

Enabled by the Skannex software SkanMulti this open platform gives you the flexibility of running a variety of lateral flow devices and other colorimetric assays. SkanFlexi X200 comprises a touch screen computer for simple, easy to use interface, and an integrated scanner for image capturing.

We will work together with you and can within short time implement your assay of choice. You will be up and running immediately when receiving the SkanFlexi X200. Skannex software is preinstalled.  When you are ready to apply new test devices this will easily be done directly from your instrument by downloading a new test specific file made available on Skannex website.

The whole process from sample applied to results generated is fully automated. Place your lateral flow device or single strip into the SkanFlexi X200 and hit the incubate button. When incubation is finished you will within seconds have your results. If you choose to incubate outside the SkanFlexi X200, place the incubated device into the SkanFlexi X200, hit the read button and in few seconds you have your results. The SkanFlexi X200 can process devices and strips each containing numerous test parameters. You can run several and various lateral flow cassettes and/or lateral flow strips in parallel. Qualitative or quantitative, sandwich or competitive are all assay formats enabled by SkanFlexi X200.

The Skannex developed software and barcode technology make it easy. Image recognition, image capture and the actual analysis is all done in one efficient integrated process. The software generated barcode printed on your device locate and identify the device and the assay type. Necessary corrections of the image are made. Also, batch specific data is extracted from the barcode, and the image of the test window is analyzed to generate the results. Reports with e.g. customer branding, test results, sample identify and reference picture of assay device are created automatically. The SkanFlexi X200 supports USB printers, barcode scanners and the ability to export results via USB flash drive or wired or wireless network connections.

Download SkanFlexi X200 fact sheet