Skanmulti OEM software

Skannex developed software SkanMulti has been on the market since 2008 and installed in several thousand instruments.

SkanMulti software is very flexible and can be adapted to almost all types of lateral flow devices and colorimetric assays. SkanMulti can easily be customized to meet your requirements and offers a huge amount of different functionalities.

Within days we will implement your assay of choice for the preferred solution and you will be up and running immediately. Customer specific solution will be made available in our software which you will download using the product­ and customer specific license.

The whole process from sample applied to results generated is fully automated.

The Skannex developed software and barcode technology make it easy. Image recognition, image capture and the actual analysis is all done in one efficient integrated process. The software generated barcode printed on your device or template, locate and identify the device and the assay type. Necessary corrections of the image are made. Also, batch specific data can be extracted from the barcode, and the image of the test window is analyzed to generate the results.

Reports with e.g. customer branding, test results, sample identify and reference picture of device are created automatically. You can export the results to emails and servers, exported data area prepared for data management systems (e.g. LIMS).

The unique Skannex developed software and barcode technology allow for the use of low cost scanner and smartphone technology.

SkanMulti can also be used together with Skannex qualified scanners and your own PC (Windows based) for your in-house screening and development tool for assays.

Skannex offers our proprietary software SkanMulti as OEM for you to build your unique reader instrument.

Skannex will guide you to which key hardware component you shall use to secure a seamless integration with the SkanMulti Software.

We have qualified scanners, computers, smartphones and circuit boards which can be used for your own instrument design development.

Skannex can also connect you with design and contract manufacturer companies having experience in developing and manufacturing reader instruments enabled by Skannex SkanMulti software.
Take advantage of the expertise from the pioneer in lateral flow readers. Contact Skannex for a confidential discussion about Skannex SkanMulti OEM possibilities.

Download SkanMulti OEM Software fact sheet

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