Barcode technology


Skannex technology consists of three parts:

  • Skannex software platform
  • Skannex unique barcode
  • Skannex program license

Skannex Software

Skannex has built a very powerful software platform for analysing images. The software can be installed in various ways on broad range of hardware platforms, as well as utilizing different infrastructure. The software has a set of common and complex algorithms, which recognise images, and perform all calculations required to produce end results. In addition, the software includes all image drivers, which allows simple “read / result” operation. Skannex Software will analyse lateral flow devices using any mix of qualitative and quantitative assays. Report, printouts and a powerful database of results are all provided. The flexibility of Skannex software makes new rapid tests to easily and quickly be adapted, ensuring rapid time to market.

The Skannex software is very flexible software giving a lot of opportunities for customization of the user interface of the program. The software is built up in a way making adaption of customized branding easy. Some of the many features are listed below:

  • Company logo on program main window
  • Logo as desktop icon for short cut
  • Content of result window showing the data you prefer; result, sample ID, lot no, test name, analyte name, comments, etc.
  • Easily switch between different languages
  • Flagging of results and/ or error messages
  • Log on functionality (username and password)
  • Restriction of user accessibility
  • Background images on dialog windows and buttons
  • Downloading of new software versions from inside of the program
  • End user specific branding
  • Adding new tests to the program without a new software version
  • Pdf reports
  • Prepared for export of results to an external data base (LIMS, patient journal)

Skannex barcode

The key to Skannex software is a proprietary barcode (Patented). This barcode is read each time a lateral flow cassette or strip is read. The barcode allow the use of low cost scanner and camera technology and for immediate recognition of product type, meaning that you do not have to browse through a menu to decide which test you are to run.

The barcode contains all information required to “process” the cassette, including product ID, lot number, expiration, and instructions on how the cassette is to be processed: quantitative, qualitative or semi-quantitative. This feature provides the simplest user interface of any lateral flow reader: the user never has to enter product or lot information when reading. In addition, the barcode contains lot-specific information which calibrates the performance of each product lot. This feature allows complete flexibility in product manufacture.

Skannex barcode Example of a Skannex barcode

This unique barcode can easily be printed on any lateral flow membrane, whether it is a single strip or a cassette. The barcode can be adapted to any number of analytes (test lines) on a membrane, or combination of membranes. Once a single strip or cassette is bearing the Skannex barcode, the test can be read and measured by our system without any user interaction. A new production batch is most likely not to be equal the previous batch. Therefore, the barcode contains all batch specific data including standard curves or numerical thresholds and is easy to modify to new production batches.

Skannex program license

All use of Skannex software is controlled by licensing, either it is used within an instrument or if used with software alone (SkanMulti/OEM). In Skannex manufactured instruments the use is controlled by a license file unique for each instrument and customer. For SkanMulti/OEM a program key is used for licensing. The program key has unique license and unique identification for each customer. The licensing allows customer to download software, print Skannex assay specific barcodes, run the tests and print custom designed reports.