Test Device Templates

The Skannex barcode technology is a crucial part of the Skannex reader products. You can learn more about this here.

The very best solution is to label the cassettes or single strips directly with a barcode generated with the Skannex Lateral Flow Barcode program. By doing so there is a direct link between the physical unit and the result to be processed. Lot numbers, expiry date and optimized threshold values or standard curves values will automatically be a part of the result data report.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is not possible to arrange a barcode labelling step in the production line for many reasons. Therefore the SkanMulti software program is developed to handle cassette templates. The templates are to be labelled with the Skannex barcode and serve to hold the test device in a fixed position relative to the barcode. The templates can be re-used over and over again. The template barcode will not carry lot specific information’s such as lot numbers and expiry date. To update the respective Skannex readers with lot specific information you can either read a separate barcode on a physical “Business barcode card” or use the “Update” button to download new lot specific information once made available on a given server.

The template is test device specific and will be designed to fit your cassette/strip physical shape. You can choose to order the design and manufacturing from Skannex or you can choose to contract with any local designer and manufacturer.

Skannex can offer template design and prototypes as well as manufacturing volumes to fit with your test device to be read on all Skannex readers. You are welcome to contact us for a quotation.

Single cassette/strip template – To fit on scanner plate or within the SkanEasy tray.

Multi cassette/strip template – Double template for SkanEasy or a full template covering the SkanFlexi scanner area with open cavities for several cassettes/strips.

One common barcode can be used if a number of identical cassettes/strips are to be read simultaneously. When a number of different cassettes/strips are to be read simultaneously we use one separate barcode aside each test device.